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Joe Pineapples

Ms Aphrodite Von Boo: "I can reform him! I can operate on his brain!"

Joe Pineapples: "Me too." 2000 AD prog 400.

Hammerstein (narrating): "Joe never talks about his private life, but... there was that scandal resulting in him being reduced from top X-Terminator to ordinary ABC Warrior. It was all hushed up... but we all knew it involved an officer's wife." 2000 AD prog 560.

Joe Pineapples: "What have you done with the negatives, Blackblood?"

Blackblood: "You'll never find them, Pineapples! So don't waste your energy trying to kill me... because if you do, they'll be released to the world — making you a laughing stock!" 2000 AD prog 577 (published in June 1988).

Joe Pineapples (narrating): "I want to feel alive again. That's why I keep a heart in my chest locker." 2000 AD prog 579.

Joe Pineapples (expressing approval): "A1."

Joe Pineapples (expressing disapproval): "N/V."