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James blocker

By Ian Kennedy

Magallanes and Salinas

By Magallanes and Salinas

James Blocker: "Chew knuckles, sunshine!" Starlord #1.

James Blocker: "You know what we've just done, don't you?! We've just started the Great Fire of London!"

Harl Vinda: "Forget it, Blocker! That is part of the strange nature of time!" Starlord #2.

Harl Vinda: "You'll have to join us, Blocker... in Time-Control! Either that, or you crumble to dust within six months! You'll get used to it! It's an interesting life..." Starlord #3.

Dr Zeidler: "Keep your lower class nose out of things that don't concern you!"

James Blocker: "That's nice! The bloke insults me — and we ain't even been introduced! If you're not careful, sunshine, I'll lay one on you!" Starlord #4.

Nazi: "Hell! It's cold in here!"

James Blocker: "Then here's something to warm you up, sunshine — wooden overcoats!" Starlord #5.

James Blocker: "Keep your hair on, mush — I'm thinkin'!" Starlord #8.

Aztecs: "See... he comes from the temple of our ancestors! Seize the strange one!"

James Blocker: "You don't want me — tramp steamers weren't invented until— uuh!" *gets hit on head* Starlord #10.

James Blocker: "I'd see a dentist if I were you, blossom! Oh, sorry — they ain't been invented yet, 'ave they? This'll take your mind off the jaw-ache!" Starlord #11.

James Blocker: "Marriage..! But I come from a long line of bachelors!" Starlord #12.

Quexalcholmec (an Aztec): "The price I paid for discovery was to condemn my own people... my whole civilisation... to total destruction!"

James Blocker: "Know how you feel,1 Quex, but it was for the good of mankind!"2 Starlord #13.

1No, he doesn't.

2Not necessarily. Why is 'Aztecs with spaceships' worse than 'white people with spaceships'?