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Jake Flint

By Horacio Lalia

Jake Flint 2

By Jesús Suso Peña Rego

Jake Flint: "To live on this hostile world, ye'll have to become like primitive man! For we are like the damned, my friends! And on the Planet of the Damned... the only way to survive is the barbarian way!" Starlord #1.

Jake Flint: "FEAR NOT, LADY — THE AXE OF JAKE FLINT WILL SAVE YOU!" Starlord #3. (It didn't.)

Jake Flint: "Don't scream, chicken-hearted swabs — stand and fight! Fight to the death!" Starlord #3.

Jake Flint (to an ab-human): "It worked! Your vile excretions have freed me... allowed me to arm myself... ...and SLAUGHTER you!" Starlord #4.

Jake Flint (thinking): "The fools deserted my leadership to follow Hagen... but I cannot leave them to perish!" Starlord #5.

Jake Flint: "Burn me innards!" Starlord #7.

Stan Hackmann: "The plants have gone crazy... kill crazy!"

Jake Flint: "Burn me — 'tis horrifying — 'tis the work of the Devil!" Starlord #9.

Jake Flint: "Die, unspeakable abomination!" Starlord #10.