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Atalia Jaegir

By Simon Coleby


By Simon Coleby

2000 AD prog 1943 cover

By Alex Ronald

Gordon Rennie: "Originally she was male, and very late in the day I wanted to make her female. Matt wasn't sure about that, he saw Nort society as very macho and paternalistic, but that was why I wanted to do it. She stands out much more in that culture, and I think it's what makes the strip work." Thrill-Power Overload, extended edition.

Atalia Jaegir: "School children sang patriotic songs as we embarked, and gave each of us a blue flower for luck. They shipped my entire cadet-officer class to Nu Earth, and then the survivors to Nu Karthage and Paeschenkov. There were no songs and flowers for the few who returned." Jaegir: Strigoi.

Josef Jaegir: "They tell me you were crying in the night again, Atalia. You were thinking of your mother, I expect."

Atalia Jaegir: "I-I have tried not to, pappa."

Josef Jaegir: "You must think of her no more. I forbid it. She was a traitor to Nordland, and got the death she deserved." Ibid.

Josef Jaegir: "Honour your brother's memory by trying to be as good a soldier of Nordland as he would have been. And-- and know this... All three mothers forgive me, but I will always wish that it was you who could have been taken from me, instead of him." 2000 AD prog 2015.

Atalia Jaegir: "I will do what I promised, Vadim. I swear it, when the opportunity finally comes... I will make our father pay for all he has visited upon us and all of Nordland." Ibid.

Training sergeant Straeku (in flashback): "By protecting the weakest and slowest of your squad, you did not bring back the intel in the required time, possibly rendering it useless for analysis. Dead soldiers we can replace. Opportunities to seize victory are far more precious, and cannot be wasted. You have failed. Do you accept this assessment of your performance? No? Very well... three minutes further punishment beating. Nordland needs soldiers of steel, not compassionate weaklings." 2000 AD prog 1943.

Atalia Jaegir (narrating): "Monster, he called my father. And he was right-- we are Nordlanders. We tell ourselves that we are more human than our enemies-- that we love life and live it to its best-- but always, it's there. The thing we try to never talk openly about-- the monstrous, always lurking within our own blood." 2000 AD prog 1996.

Josef Jaegir: "She was always the rebellious one. This trait, a gift from her Souther traitor slut of a mother... From me, though, she inherited the ones that matter-- strength, a belief in duty. And, ultimately, obedience. Fine Nordland values, all of them." 2000 AD prog 1999.