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Jackdaw fighting the Crazy Gang

Alan Davis and Helen Nally

Jackdaw: "Merlin's staff! Ol' Jackdaw'd better bail the Cap'n out again!" 'The Return of Captain Britain', X-Men Archives Featuring Captain Britain #1.

Captain Britain: "Listen, you drunken, midget-sized excuse for a sidekick, you've got to go back and find Merlin!" 'Outcasts', ibid.

Jackdaw: "I-it's all right, Captain... Merlin'll whisk me away to Otherworld in a minute and patch me up. T-that's what he did last time. I wasn't supposed to tell you. Don't you fret, Captain. Everything will turn out alright any minute now. Merlin will fix everything up j-just fine, you'll see... any minute now... you'll s-s..." 'A Crooked World', Captain Britain (trade paperback) Vol 1 2.