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Jack point
2000 AD prog 1804 cover

By Cliff Robinson

Jack Point (narrating): "I'm a suspicious bastard who goes looking for trouble and doesn't often get paid. Think of me as a reincarnating lobster. Always in hot water, see?" Judge Dredd Megazine #225.

Jack Point (narrating): "Name's Point. Yeah, Point: as in "well-argued", "case in" and "frequently held at gun". I make jokes. I'm all about the funny." 2000 AD prog 1804.

Judge Daveez: "Point, you're an abomination and a travesty. You are pondslime, you are navel fluff, you are lower than pedway piss." 2000 AD prog 1805.

Jack Point: "Bribes! We got bribes! Take our brohhhstommit'sDredd." 2000 AD prog 1807.

Jack Point (narrating): "Maybe a... a premonition. Gut feeling. Maybe just still queasy from all them drugs. Definitely not an attack of conscience. Nuh-uh. That ain't my style. (My city... my poor, dyin' city...)" 2000 AD prog 1811.

Jack Point (narrating): "Hey there. Name's Jack Point. We already met. Yeah: Point, as in "languishin' at knife--", "-- of no return" and "-- at which the soul leaves the body." Alla which, thanks to storytellin' smarter'n a morningsuited Mensabot, are precisely where I'm at. Which is ta say: I'm kinda busy here. Go bug some other kook, huh?" *story switches to panel of Dirty Frank* 2000 AD prog 1812.

Jack Point (narrating): "Circles and circles, layers and layers. A dozen shades of "right". Dredd can't see that. Old Joe'd never figure there's somethin' deeper than justice. Something more fundamental than rulesSelf-preservation's the oldest law there is. That applies as much to your city, your people, your pals, as the singular skin-you're-in. Smiley knew I'd play this whole thing selfish. No shame in that. "Predictable's" just another word for "reliable." Thing is, he went one further. Knew I'd run to the Church. Knew I'd winkle out the truth along the way. And... that unbelievable asshole... he even knew -- when it came down to it -- I'd do the Right Drokking Thing. Stay with my city. I hate it when people know me better than me." Ibid.