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Iron John 1918

Iron John by John M. Burns

Anna Kohl

Anna Kohl by John M. Burns

Iron John: "Germans! I hate Gerrrrmans!" 2000 AD prog 1912.

Iron John: "Are you sure we can trust her? The tower is no place for a woman!"

Anna Kohl: "Careful or this 'woman' will trim your beard — and not the one on your face!" 2000 AD prog 1913.

Schmidt: "He was the greatest of us all, you know. A warrior like no other. But John is half the man he used to be. The real tragedy is that he knows it." 2000 AD prog 1914.

Anna Kohl: "I'd wager you were quite something when you were a young man."

Iron John: "Still am." 2000 AD prog 1917.

Iron John: "My father? Heh. He was a giant of a man. Big as a bear! Taught Henri and I how to hunt and fight and drink and — and... ...die like a man." 2000 AD prog 1918.

Anna Kohl: "The wurms were in my head. I saw their realm. It was vile, horrific — do not be ashamed that he saved you."

Iron John: "No. My shame is that I let him." 2000 AD prog 1921.

Iron John (last words): "Live! Be happy, Anna Kohl! Iron John has repaid his debt! WURRRMS, BEWARE! There will be a reckoning!" 2000 AD prog 1922.