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Hen-Sho dying

Hen-Sho: "In space, GeeksI can hear you scream!" 2000 AD prog 146.

Hen-Sho: "Back, dogs! You fight Hen-Sho now — top las-lancer in the system!" 2000 AD prog 148.

Hen-Sho: "New Peking City! A massive dome colony built into the extinct volcano of Olympus Mons! Forty thousand people live there now... all organized on lines far superior to any other colony planet of the system. A remarkable achievement, eh?" 2000 AD prog 150.

Steve Smith (narrating): "Hen-Sho wore his usual inscrutable face, but we could see he was suffering." 2000 AD prog 151.

Hen-Sho: "Already I can hear my ancestors calling..."

Smith: "No, Hen, no!"

Hen-Sho: "I must, Smith. I'm sorry for all the hate you had to bear... There should have been more time for friendship..."

Smith (narrating): "There was nothing I could do. The last sight of his face will live with me forever." 2000 AD prog 168.

Hen-Sho's ghost: "You can still do it! That's it, Smith — punch the missile buttons!" 2000 AD prog 175.

Jupe: "In my crew? Lazlo and Big Red are pretty hot. Not Hen-Sho hot, you understand, but hot enough." 2000 AD prog 2003.

Hen-Sho's ghost: "Let me make it simple, Smith. What were you trained to do?"

Smith: "Fight."

Hen-Sho's ghost: "Right. So you better start fighting, V.C." 2000 AD prog 1374.