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Harry Thompson

By Alan Davis

2000 AD prog 287 cover

By Alan Davis

2000 AD prog 299 cover

By Alan Davis

Harry Thompson: "I never made a credit outa that food! Those islanders were starvin'somebody had to feed 'em! If the government wasn't so all-set on makin' war with Oceania, it wouldn't have been left up to guys like me!" 2000 AD prog 287.

Guard Pusser: "So Harry Twenty, eh? Chief Thrower warned me about you — a tough nut bother-boy, he said! Guess I'd better show you who's boss around here!" 2000 AD prog 288.

Harry (thinking): "The slugs [guards] act like they were gods — they strip away every shred of dignity a man might have! But they won't break Harry Thompson, no sir! I'm gettin' off this hunk of space junk!" 2000 AD prog 289.

Harry (thinking): "Well, I'll ride to hell on a weasel!" 2000 AD prog 290.

Narrator: "They strip a man of everything when he's sentenced to the High Rock, the orbiting prison-satellite that holds 10,000 of Earth's hardest criminals. They strip him of his name... they strip him of his dignity... the only thing they can't take away is his longing to be free!" 2000 AD prog 293.

Harry stops the prisoners murdering a guard: "If anybody deserves to die, it's the weasel lyin' at my feet! But kill him while he's out cold an' you ain't no better 'n High Rock slugs yourselves!" 2000 AD prog 294.

Harry (thinking): "Maybe I won't make it off the Rock... but at least the only guys who've shown me any friendship will!" 2000 AD prog 299.

Harry (thinking): "Knock me down with a weasel — we're gonna make it!" 2000 AD prog 300.

Harry: "Hear this, you slugs! Hear this, Warden! Your reign of terror on the High Rock's FINISHED! THE NUMBERS ARE TAKIN' OVER!" 2000 AD prog 303.