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By Carlos Ezquerra


By Nigel Dobbyn

Wulf Sternhammer: "You are no real gypsy, madame! You are not even der voman... you are a Gronk!"

Gronk: "EEEK!" Starlord #14.

Wulf Sternhammer: "Ve give you der try, eh, friend Gronk? Und if you can't fight, at least you give us der gut laugh!" Starlord #15.

Gronk: "L-leaves them alone, o-or I-I'll bites your a-ankleses!" 2000 AD prog 91.

Wulf Sternhammer: "Der Gronk is hafing der magic touch."

Gronk: "Doctorings is one of the few thingses us Gronkses is good ats." 2000 AD prog 92.

Gronk: "O-oh! Great Gronk receive m-my humble skin!" 2000 AD prog 109.

Johnny Alpha: "Maybe you'd better wait here, Gronk — things are going to get rough!"

Gronk: "No fears, Mr. Johnny! Every day, in every way, I'm getting bravers and bravers!" 2000 AD prog 180.

Official: "This licence only says you and your partner, Alpha. What's with the pet?"

Gronk: "I'se not a pet! I'se a medical Gronk!" 2000 AD prog 183.

"Oh, My poor heartses!" (catchphrase)