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Genghis Eighteen

By Alan Davis

Genghis Eighteen 2

By Alan Davis

Genghis Eighteen: "I refuse sell family land to military. They trump up charge, I get eighteen damn year! Lot of pain they cause. Lot of pain Genghis gonna pay back." 2000 AD prog 288.

Guard: "Move it, you numbers! Wanna keep yourselves fit, dontcha? Haw haw!"

Genghis (sotto voce): "Genghis get fit all right — and then Genghis get own back on stinkin' slugs!" 2000 AD prog 289.

Genghis: "You were right, Harry. If Genghis kill Pusser-slug, Genghis no better than slime like Warden. Genghis sorry. We be friend again. What you say?"

Narrator: "You don't need time to think. On the High Rock, where cruelty is king and life is cheaper than spacedust, only one thing has meaning—"

Harry Twenty: "I say — I'm still gonna get off this stinkin' rock — an' you're comin' with me... friend!" 2000 AD prog 294.

Genghis: "Life on rock killing me, Harry! We go soon, or maybe we never go!" 2000 AD prog 299.

Genghis: "We home! You hear that, world? Genghis Eighteen home!"

Harry: "Not Eighteen any longer, pal! We can forget our numbers! We're men again — free men!" 2000 AD prog 300.

Genghis: "We made it, Harry — back on Mama Earth at last!" 2000 AD prog 301.

Genghis (last words): "If... I... die... so do... YOU!" *kills Pusser* 2000 AD prog 302.

Harry (thinking): "So... long, Genghis. So long... buddy!" Ibid.