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Gene the Hackman

By Richard Elson

2000 AD prog 1902 cover

By Richard Elson

Gene the Hackman 2

By Richard Elson

2000 AD prog 1963 cover

By Ryan Brown

Gene the Hackman 3

By Richard Elson

Narrator: "Then Them took Ginny Woolf too. She had been Gene's lifemate. Five years they had ached and loved. The Masters had promised them license to breed. Now she was dead. And Gene, in his wrath, became his name. A hackman." The Promised Land.

Old Man Gary: "Pack and pack, we do walk-around, keep the cold place clean. Two-feet he sleeps long time, but he tell us, keep Them offa my lawn! Yes, he does."

Maryan Faithful: "What is lawn, old man?"

Old Man Gary: "I dunno. Part of the tale, so it's right." Ibid.

Gene: "Whatever's behind me, that's where I come from."

Meelea: "Shit, Gene, you talk like a philosopher or summin'."

Gene: "Your mouth is full of strange." 2000 AD prog 1900.

Gene: "Gene does what he does. Gene's pack does what it does. Kill Them. If Them are there, we kills Them" 2000 AD prog 1902.

Jenny Gutter: "We're not ready..."

Gene: "Yes, we are. Always ready. GET WHET." 2000 AD prog 1903.

Gene: "Let 'em. Let 'em get real close. Don't waste your shot. Don't waste your death-toys. Make 'em count. Let Them get close enough to take the full smack." 2000 AD prog 1904.

Gene: "Gene's mouth is dumb." 2000 AD prog 1906.

Gene: "Gene cannot give you life, Tommy Hawk... ...but he can end your pain." 2000 AD prog 1963.

Clara Bow: "Sprogs are safe in the family bunker. I'm coming to the wall, to do my bit."

Gene: "No. Go to the bunker too. If you have to fight, you fight there, over their cradle. To the very last." 2000 AD prog 1966.

Numan: "This isn't friendly country."

Gene: "Gene has never found any friendly country." 2000 AD prog 1969.

Major Canis: "Hackman is aux, truer and true. He understands pack loyalty. If we want to stop him, we have to threaten something he's conditioned to care about." 2000 AD prog 2014 (published January 2017).

Cutback (dying): "Gene-dog...? I want you to promise me something. D-don't listen to the Masters no more. Never again. You fight 'em, you hear? They ain't no friends of the aux, Gene. Mate, I'm wild aux. Always bin. I was born wild. Aux, they should be free. Promise me, Gene. Promise me that..."

Gene: "Gene promises. Truer and true." 2000 AD prog 2017.

Pause: "Why'd you put up with this human, aux? Is it that dog-dumb loyalty thing?"

Gene: "Yes." 2000 AD prog 2018.

Gene (to the sound of a very large penny, which has been falling for several series, finally hitting the ground): "The Masters abandoned us to fight alone. They went off to long-sleep. They don't care about us. We are just fodder." 2000 AD prog 2019.

Gene: "People should stop telling Gene what to do. Masters, Them, ticks... Gene cares for none of them." 2000 AD prog 2021.