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Geeks 2

By Henry Flint

Steve Smith's dad: "Geeks, gooks, don't bore me with the details, son — point is they're savages and you're doing right veeping 'em!"

Smith: "Vaping, Dad." 2000 AD prog 154.

Smith: "I'm gonna find the Geek galaxy, rip back the mat and wipe that filth out! You hear me? Wipe them out!" 2000 AD prog 155.

Commander: "GEEKS! THOUSANDS OF THEM!" 2000 AD prog 157.

Smith: "The Geek general — I take it he talked, sir?"

General Moore: "He told me everything. No-one beats a probe, Smith."

Smith: "A probe? No wonder the general looks like he wants to die." 2000 AD prog 164.

Jupe: "I don't need to see the Geeks — I can smell them out!" 2000 AD prog 173.

Keege: "In fifty years, we have not rearmed. We have not stirred dissent. We have simply worked to earn respect as partners of mankind." 2000 AD prog 1301.

Major Smith: "I heard we ain't at war with the Geek homeworld this time... just extremists. A militant faction. Die-hards. Maybe if Geekworld wises up and chooses sides, this could be over like that." *snaps fingers* 2000 AD prog 2003.