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By Elena Casagrande et al

Gabby Gonzalez

By Elena Casagrande et al

Gabriella Gonzalez by Neil Edwards

By Neil Edwards and Ivan Nunnes

Cindy Wu: "You should be at... at art school, design college."

Gabriella Gonzalez: "No, no, no. Other kinds of higher education are dangerous. They might lead to independence...! Do not think -- obey. Do not desire, do not imagine. Just do another little job, 'for the family'. Get trapped in another little routine, like a hamster on a wheel." Doctor Who Comic #1.

The Doctor: "Your daughter just helped me save the whole planet. She is an exceptionally brave and resourceful young woman."

Miguel: "And she's smart, too!" Doctor Who Comic #3.

The Doctor: "The real Gabby gives off a warmth. And, well, she smells nice." Doctor Who Comic #5.

Zhe Ikiyuyu: "Your talent, my dear, is raw, untamed, yet offset by nuanced instincts... You're strong and you can only grow alongside his exotic perceptions of the universe. I can understand why he wants to keep you by his side." Ibid.

The Twelfth Doctor: "Ah! Yes! Now I remember you! The arty one! I liked you. I really should have kept you."

Gabby: "You should have... what?!" Four Doctors #2.

Miguel: "Oh, no! You don't have time to be waiting on tables. You're going to be an artist!"

Bianca: "Like I don't have better things to do, too -- like a wedding to organise? Why's she so special all of a sudden? Because Doctor Do-Gooder says so?" Doctor Who Comic #2.