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By Massimo Belardinelli


By Ian Gibson

2000 AD prog 271 cover

By Massimo Belardinelli


Feek the Freak: "He get us all killed for sure!"

G.B.H.: "And being dead's no fun, I can assure you!" 2000 AD prog 239.

G.B.H.: "Look, Ace! A cargo of pure macmac! A thousand dadispads of it — enough to put a smile on even my face! Well, I am officially dead!" 2000 AD prog 240.

G.B.H.: "By my corpse!" 2000 AD prog 242.

Fatty Arkl: "How 'bout it, boys? I offer good byms, good foo — tucker truckin' all round! Whaddya say?"

G.B.H.: "No thanks, Fatty. I truck with Ace — no-one else." 2000 AD prog 248.

G.B.H.: "Just the two of us against Morgul's gang — it's plain suicide! Take it from one who knows what it is to die!" 2000 AD prog 249.

G.B.H. (under the influence of the psychotropic drug 'heeble'): "You know, Ace, there's something I've always wanted to tell you — I'm not really dead, you know."

Ace: "Jig my rig! You been blubbin' me all these years!" (Translation: "Goodness me! You've been deceiving me all these years!") 2000 AD prog 263.

G.B.H.: "Give me the bad news, Ace. What've we got left?"

Ace: "We've still got each other, good buddy."

G.B.H.: "It's worse than I thought!" 2000 AD prog 269.

Evil Blood: "Shiver me liver!"

G.B.H. "With pleasure!" 2000 AD prog 400.