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John Wagner: "I was ... a bit unfair on Feral. He wasn't a bad character, I just took against the whole idea of the Strontium Dogs strip and vented my ire on the poor guy." Thrill-Power Overload, extended edition.

Feral: "What's the big deal about being a Stront, anyway? Far as I can see it's just a cop-out — soon as they get their badge, they're off swannin' round the galaxy doin' Mr Normal's dirty work! If they had any guts at all they'd be back here in Milton K, fightin' for their people!" 2000 AD prog 606.

Feral (narrating): "So I'm a fugitive. Couple of dozen armed religious maniacs on my tail, probably hang me if I'm caught. Knowin' that's a weird sort of buzz. Spooky... I like it." 2000 AD prog 616.

Middenface McNulty: "I wouldny ca' him a nice guy. He had this mean, crazy streak. I always had the impression he wuz, I dunno, jealous o' Johnny. Like he wanted tae be like him, but he couldny. It wuzny in him. Johnny wuz wan o' the good guys, an he..." 2000 AD prog 1689.

Middenface: "He was aye gettin' in fights. Naebody liked him much." The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha Chapter One.

Archive Computer 3/301B (narrating): "Much has been written about Feral, principally by the notorious fantasist Ho Gan, little of it bearing any resemblance to actual events. As previously stated I rely solely upon the account of Precious Matson, who was intimately involved in events and whose veracity has been well established." Ibid.