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"S'right." Catchphrase.

Quinch (narrating): "My name is Ernest Errol Quinch. My mother, who is, like, this incredibly rich old lady that I know, says I'm emotionally deprived with accordant behavioural aberrations. This means that I like stealing things and destroying vehicles and terrorising people who have never done me any harm whatsoever. This is why everybody hates me, and that's why I'm emotionally deprived." 2000 AD prog 352.


Quinch (narrating): "I had created a demented slavering monster when I only wished to help an innocent little girl. In my experience, this is what happens when you try to be a nice guy." 2000 AD prog 353.

D.R. (narrating): "Crossing the kitchen, I was fantastically astonished to discover a dead hyper-whale. Looking closer I was relieved to discover that it was my great, sincere, and only moderately brain-dead colleague Ernest Errol Quinch. I let him sleep. He looked so happy, man." 2000 AD prog 355.

Quinch's mother: "How's mummy's dummy-dumplings?" 2000 AD prog 359.