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Barry penge

Promotional video: "Mr Overdrive made his first million by patenting his inspirational business mantra: 'Don't be a shark, be a great white shark.' Soon everyone in business was saying it. Mr Overdrive then made his first billion by updating the mantra to: 'Don't be a great white shark, be a great great white shark.' A competitor attempted to continue this pattern by patenting 'Be a great, great, great white shark.' But this was derided as being 'stupid'. Mr Overdrive, in a further show of branding genius, then paid a world-record sum to have his DNA bonded with that of a real great white shark. This was definitely not 'stupid' and was, in fact, 'great'." 2000 AD prog 1806.

Enormo Overdrive: "Oooh, now there is blood in the business waters™, Frank. Blood in the waters that are not business, also. Blood on dry land too. Blood —"

Dirty Frank: "Lots of blood. Got it." 2000 AD prog 1807.

Dirty Frank: "Computer! There is blood in the security waters™, etc. You are honoured to be ordered to shut those doors! I, the commanding and in no way deeply insecure and over-compensating Mr Overdrive, command it!" 2000 AD prog 1810.

Enormo Overdrive: "I want you to see the future before you die. The future born of profit! A shining landscape where dirt and weakness shall be beneath, and excellence and achievement hovers ab--" 2000 AD prog 1812.

Dirty Frank: "Barry Penge sharkface attacks! AAIIIEEE!"

Barry Penge: "Do not call me that! My name is Enormo Overdrive and I am style, success and class personified!"

Dirty Frank: "Big Barry Penge! Big Barry Penge!"

Barry Penge: "AAAAH! I'll eat your beard off your face, you stupid one-eyed smell factory! What are you to take over me? I have spent my life cleansing my soul within the cathedral of profit! You are a flailing, ragged thing! You lack the relentless drive and clarity of unwavering motivation! You are not successful! Name one thing you have that I cannot buy?" *gets shot in the head*

Dirty Frank: "Justice." Ibid.