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Eightball: "You know, Friday isn't my real dad."

Venus Bluegenes: "I know, sweetheart. Now let's you and I go have words with those nasty men over there..." 2000 AD prog 939.

Eightball: "My mummy said that if we say our prayers every night, God will send me to Heaven. And Winnie and Eeyore and —" 2000 AD prog 950.

Eightball: "Lucky says I should be put down..." Ibid.

Eightball: "Poor kids... At least I have a mother..."

Lucky: "Lord, if it wasn't so tragic, it would be absurd..."

Top: "You talking about Eightball or the orphans?"

Lucky: "Both." 2000 AD prog 951.

Lucky: "Don't go wetting your nappy, Eightball..."

Gunnar: "Why d'you always pick on him? It's like bullying a child."

Lucky: "That's exactly what it is, Gunnar, you dweeb. But it's a sham. He's just using retentive fixations and mild lunacy to hide from reality. If you had slightly more charisma than a food mixer, you'd realise that. As it is, it's more fun talking to compost!" 2000 AD prog 966.