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Dwarf Star

By Mike McMahon

Dwarf Star: "Me and my twin brother were born freaks... No hair, strange eyes and misshapen faces. But we wanted to hit back at the Geeks, so we signed up with the starship troopers and made out as gunners." 2000 AD prog 145.

Dwarf Star: "You killed my brother. Maybe it was the only way — but I can't help but hate you!" 2000 AD prog 146.

Dwarf Star: "GREASE THOSE GEEKS!" 2000 AD prog 151.

Smith (narrating): "I looked out and saw Dwarf's frozen corpse pinwheeling end over end into the darkness of eternity." 2000 AD prog 165.

Dwarf Star's ghost: "Get to the cannon. Fire them like I taught you to." 2000 AD prog 175.

Dwarf Star's ghost: "Hey. How's it hanging, Smith?" 2000 AD prog 1374.