Albion British Comics Database Wiki

By Anthony Williams

Diderot: "Oh, I'm so good I'm bad!"

Kali: "You wish." 2000 AD prog 1330.

Kali (narrating): "Diderot's the icing on this shit-flavoured cake. When I was fixing up his head wound, I found out that he... he... isn't human, frankly. Some kind of bio-mech construct. I haven't told anyone. I don't even know if Diderot knows what he is himself." 2000 AD prog 1373.

Diderot: "God help me... how could I not know what I was?" 2000 AD prog 1376.

Major Smith: "I can understand your anger, son—"

Diderot: "Can you? I don't think so. You ever wake up and find you're an alien construct and the life you were so damn sure was your own is a lie? Someone did a real number on me, major. I don't know what I am. I don't know who made me. I don't even know what I'm for." 2000 AD prog 1432.