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Simon Davis


Patrick Woodrow, Stephen Baskerville and Alan Craddock

Demi by Steve Yeowell

By Steve Yeowell

Demi (singing):

"♪♫ Bay-beee! I know that you been stressin' out!
Bay-beee! Why can't you see?!
Bay-bee! You're lettin' bad things get on top of you...
Well why not make one of those bad things... me? ♪♫" 2000 AD prog 1028.

Demi Octavo: "There's an empire out there. A kingdom of crime, just waiting for a new sovereign with the firepower to compete. What do you say, boys? The king is dead."

Sinister Dexter: "God save the Queen!" 2000 AD prog 1031.

Sinister: "I don't like this, Dex. Lady-boss is far too exposed..."

Dexter: "¡Ay vayase! Mountaineers could go missing down a ravine like that!" 2000 AD prog 1051.

Demi (in flashback): "Come over here, you little Irish love-pixie."

Dexter: "She said what?"

Sinister: "Okay, I made that last bit up." 2000 AD prog 1052.

Narrator: "Demi Octavo, queen-pin of Downlode, sashays out into the hot, night rain. As she lets it fall on her she thinks..."

Demi Octavo (thinking): "Incredible. I am mistress of all I survey." 2000 AD prog 1064.

Demi Octavo (writing Christmas cards): "'To dear Don Scoletti, seasonal best wishes from Demi Octavo... PS — Cross me again like you did last week, and my boys will nail your sorry tongue to the next orbital liner out of Downlode spaceport.' Hmmmm... Just the right side of sentimental. 'To my dear friend Persian Katra. Compliments of the season. I'm watching you, you dried-up old cheat-witch! Enough with the money laundering!' 'To Finnigan and Ramone... Merry Christmas, boys! I'd take it as a personal favour if you would quit perving on the form and motion of my butt when you think I'm out of earshot.'" 2000 AD prog 1124.

Billi Octavo: "I've just discovered that you are, to all intents and purposes, Moses Tanenbaum."

Senor Apellido: "What?"

Billi Octavo: "The man who destroyed my sister. Who took her innocence and embroiled her in a scuzzpuck world that eventually killed her. A world that even I can't escape." 2000 AD prog 1465.

Finnigan Sinister: "Demi whacked Moses. That's what doomed her in the end. She crossed a line she could never come back from." 2000 AD prog 1466.

Sinister: "She wuz a helluva woman." 2000 AD prog 2000 (published September 2016).