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2000 AD prog 581 cover

By Simon Bisley

Blackblood: "Don't get taken in by Deadlock either. He comes out with all that occult stuff... all that mysticism... I'm not impressed. He may wrap it up in fancy words, but deep down... he's just an evil swine like me." 2000 AD prog 574.

Deadlock: "You know you're everything I loathe and despise, Hammerstein. Conservatism! Order! Rules!"

Hammerstein: "You need rules, dammit!"

Deadlock: "I spit on rules! Anarchy rules! Do what thou wilt!" 2000 AD prog 578.

Hammerstein: "Maybe that's your problem, Deadlock! You're ashamed of what you are! You hate being a robot!" Ibid.

Deadlock: "I used to mess around with the tarot... but I found the fresh entrails of a human worked better." 2000 AD prog 726.

Deadlock: "You couldn't let the peoples of the galaxy simply doze in the sun... be illiterate, stupid and happy... could you?"

Raspatan: "Of course not. An example must be made of [the rebel planet] Lo-Braseel... and all those who embrace Khaos, renouncing the blessed work ethic of the holy termite!" 2000 AD prog 967.

Deadlock: "You must follow the path of Khaos... That is hidden in the darkness within yourselves... That is why I am here... That you may open your hearts to the night! Fear not, my children... for I will be there to guide you!" 2000 AD prog 1222.

Tubal Caine: "Deadlock is obsessed with power. Never argues with us, 'cos he's so superior, just retreats into his cave. He was the leader of the Knights Martial, empowered with judging and executing war criminals. That's what made him so arrogant. And I know he practised black magic... It's said he once summoned a demon, and maybe even merged with him..." 2000 AD prog 2061.

Tubal Caine: "Why are you never with the rest of us?"

Deadlock: "You think I should be a team player? With dolts like you as my companions? How tedious!" 2000 AD prog 2063.