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Billy Smairt: "I dunno, Dave! It's gettin' so a guy can't take his orangutan for a quiet drink no more without bein' hassled by the law." 2000 AD prog 366.

Judge: "Hey, Dredd! That ape beat the tipsters again! Scored 75 per cent right! Amazing!"

Dredd: "Not really. By the law of averages, even a chicken would score 50 per cent."

Judge: "Yeah? So how come all the experts regularly score in the low twenties?"

Dredd: "I'll let you draw your own conclusions." 2000 AD prog 367.

Chief Judge McGruder: "You know, Dredd, I'm not sure we did the right thing, letting that ape run for mayor."

Dredd: "I know what you mean. Still, look on the bright side — judging by his predecessors, Dave could be a definite improvement!" 2000 AD prog 368.

Billy Smairt: "Great to see Mo again, Dave. Makes you feel safe with friends like him. Yeah, some people just wanna stab politicians in the back..." 2000 AD prog 443.

Mo Molinsky: "They shouldn't oughta have done it! He was a darn fine mayor!" Ibid.