Albion British Comics Database Wiki

By Warren Pleece

Alec Worley: "I tried to get across a sense of humanity and sadness as Dandridge learns at least a semblance of responsibility, and comes to understand that the world he once knew has disappeared. Beneath this devil-may-care sheen is actually this terrible sense of loneliness and displacement." Thrill-Power Overload, extended edition.

Dandridge: "I've an engagement tonight. The Headless Coachman in Camden has an extensive wine cellar, which is almost certainly haunted. I've convinced the landlord to lock me inside for the next two days as part of my investigation." 2012 2000 AD Winter Special.

Hotelier 1: "Oui, he was here two days ago. He won a fortune at baccarat and bought champagne for everyone. Then he bet Roger Moore that he could open a dimensional gate with a pair of salad tongs. The last we saw of him he was heading towards a fashion show in Cannes in Monsieur Moore's Bentley."

Hotelier 2: "Oui, he was here yesterday. He won the award for best-dressed male, attacked a journalist with a harpoon, and escaped with twenty Swedish models. The last we saw of him he was heading towards Monte Carlo in a hot air balloon." 2000 AD prog 1824.

Dandridge: "I am at my most spectacular when drunk." 2000 AD prog 1825.

Dandridge: "A gentleman finds few things less worthy of attention than a villain not wearing a tie." 2000 AD prog 1826.