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Courtney Ross1

By Herbert Trimpe, Fred Kida and George Roussos

Courtney and Brian Braddock

By Herbert Trimpe, Fred Kida and Marie Severin

Brian Braddock: "Courtney can have her pick of any man in school -- what would she want with me?" Captain Britain #3.

Courtney Ross: "These are my friends buried here, Captain Britain... I'll stop when the job's done... not before."

Jacko Tanner: "I should tell you, mate -- Courtney Ross is one plucky lady." Captain Britain #5.

Courtney Ross (thinking): "Brian would understand. He's sensitive... kind and gentle... If only he didn't shy away so... From life... ...From me! Why, Brian? Why are you frightened of involvements? What happened to you? What secret hurt lies in your heart? Will I ever learn the answer? Will I ever discover the real Brian Braddock?" Captain Britain #19.

Brian Braddock (thinking): "Courtney, the curious! My Achilles' heel! I like her so much that if she starts prying -- my secret identity will have had it!" Captain Britain #28.

Merlyn: "Behold the Earthling of thy heart!" Captain Britain #36.

The Black Baron (thinking): "She has such beauty as I never thought I'd see again -- since that tragic day Demelza was burned at the stake! Beauty that will forever be mine... ...when I place upon her milk-white neck... THE KISS OF THE VAMPIRE!" Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #235.

Narrator: "Memories-- intrusive, breaking his concentration, yet welcome just the same-- of walks with Courtney, talks with her, moments stolen between classes at Thames University as a casual acquaintanceship blossomed into friendship-- and then into much, much more. Something too precious to lose." Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #252.