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Cornelius Cardew

By Jim Baikie

Skizz describing Cornelius: "The other creature is statue-like and impassive. It has a nobility of a kind, an aura of colossal strength struggling against crushing, black despair." 2000 AD prog 315.

Cornelius: "'Ello. You're from outer space. I wish I was from outer space. Sometimes I feel like I am from outer space. Any jobs going out there, are there? I'm a pipefitter. Do they have pipefitters in outer space?" Ibid.

Cornelius: "It's great when you can understand things. Sometimes I can't understand things at all. When I can, it's great. That's why I feel sorry for your mate. I bet there's lots of things that he can't understand. There's lots of things I can't understand. And I live here." 2000 AD prog 320.

Cornelius (pointing at the stars): "Look up there! LOOK AT IT! There's nothing as important as that! Not even pipefitting!" 2000 AD prog 325.

Narrator: "His name is Cornelius Cardew and there are blue lights in his rear-view mirror. He knows what they're doing. They're taking it all away. All of it. First, they took his mother. Then they took his job. Then they took his supplementary benefit. After that, they just took the mickey. They hadn't left him very much at all..." 2000 AD prog 328.

Bystander: "I... I knew him well..."

Ruth the barmaid: "'E used to come in my pub. 'E was nice."

Loz: "'E was my mate."

First cop: "Van Owen must be stark-staring mad! We'll never control the crowd now!"

Second cop: "I was at school with Cornelius. He was all right till they pushed him over the edge. Let 'em go." 2000 AD prog 329.