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By Mariano Laclaustra

Clara as Kali

By Dave Taylor, Mariano Laclaustra and Luis Guerrero

Clara Oswald: "I'm one of the cool teachers that all the kids like, right? Not one of the uncool teachers that they make fun of and give silly names." Doctor Who Comic #1.

The Doctor: "After you, Ms. Oddbod."

Clara Oswald: "Oi! There's nothing odd about me."

The Doctor: "'Course not, you're as sane as the next man. That would be me." Doctor Who Comic #2.

The Doctor: "She's always smirking as if she knows something no one else knows." Doctor Who Comic #3.

The Doctor: "She doesn't need me to save her. A goddess of death and destruction against Clara Oswald? No contest. All the evil in the universe couldn't overcome that impossible girl." Doctor Who Comic #5.

The Tenth Doctor: "One point to the girl from Gryffindor."

The Twelfth Doctor: "Oh, baloney--! She's Slytherin all the way. I mean that as a compliment." Four Doctors #1.

Mrs Mariner: "I believe in disciplining my staff as strictly as my pupils. Miss Dean was troublesome. Despite the tragedy of her disappearance, it would have been impossible for her to remain. I do hope you won't be like her."

Clara Oswald: "Me? Impossible? Never." Tales from the TARDIS #4.

Clara Oswald (to her class): "I don't want you to be shy. I want you to be excited, energized. Shout out, speak your mind, express your personality. Life's an adventure. You have to take part. And English is an adventure, 'least the way I teach it. It's about communicating ideas and feelings, being curious, broadening your horizons, seeing how amazing life is. It's been said before, but ‘seize the day.’ As well as the standard texts, we're going to explore other mediums that are just as powerful in their own right -- television drama, graphic novels --" Tales from the TARDIS #5.