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By Kevin O'Neill

Chira 3

By Kevin O'Neill

Nemesis: "You fought well, Chira."

Chira: "Yes. Magna is defeated. So you still belong to me... Husband." 2000 AD prog 335.

Magna: "Chira, darling! You're looking lovely tonight... but then it's amazing what make-up can hide!"

Chira: "Well, you would know, Magna. I can't see any of the scars I gave you at our last meeting." 2000 AD prog 337.

Chira: "Goodbye, my husband... somehow I know I'm never going to see you again... I should be safe here from the Terminators... yet I can sense evil... and death... But whatever happens to me, I must protect Thoth... my little homunculus." 2000 AD prog 338.

Thoth: "Gark."

Chira: "Yes... volcanoes... pretty volcanoes..!" 2000 AD prog 347.

Chira's last words: "Nemesis..! Nemesis..!" 2000 AD prog 349.