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Carolyn Bachmann

Chief Judge Hershey: "I'd call her vicious, underhanded — power-mad, even — but there's never been any evidence of illegality on her part." 2000 AD prog 1809.

Judge Dredd: "You were never managing supplies, Bachmann."

Carolyn Bachmann: "I really was. It made for a nice hobby — ordering paperclips is very relaxing after a day of planning covert assassinations. I'll miss it." 2000 AD prog 1810.

Carolyn Bachmann: "Grud's an outmoded concept we're better off without. I've invented a much more useful deity for the citizens to worship — the godcity. It's a basic Heaven/Hell model. Those citizens who have proved their loyalty — accepted their conditioning — shall live in luxury in the floating city above. Meanwhile, the old city — the Hell you're trying to resuscitate — will be left as an endless prison for those who resist me." 2000 AD prog 1811.

Carolyn Bachmann: "We're in Hell at the moment, aren't we? You just prefer to call it "Mega-City One" and pretend you can save it. I, on the other hand, desire only to build a beautiful, pristine, floating Heaven. A Heaven for everyone... everyone who does what they're told." 2000 AD prog 1812.