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Starlord 14

By Bob Wakelin

Carl Hunter

By Horacio Lalia

Carl Hunter (narrating): "It started out like any other day, but in less than a week my life had been turned inside out and put through a wringer. The name's Carl Hunter, by the way. My pa was a full-blooded Navajo Indian, and his favourite son turned out to be one of the most successful private eyes in San Francisco..." Starlord #14.

Colonel Minsky: "YOU'VE BLUNDERED INTO A SECRET WAR, HUNTER — A WAR WHERE THE VICTOR'S PRIZE IS EARTH ITSELF! Now follow me the hell outta here!" Starlord #15.

Carl Hunter: "Hey, you! Aliens! Ol' Carl's comin' for ya! Gonna make you into cauliflower cheese! Yarr!"Starlord #16.

Hunter: "I'm surprised that the High Ones are being so talkative!"

Colonel Minsky: "I'm not... watch this!"

Hunter: "Pack of alley cats! That ain't playing fair, colonel!"

Colonel Minsky: "Don't waste your sympathy, Hunter. They'd have exterminated us, given the chance. Besides, we haven't fed any of 'em to the cats yet — not as long as they co-operate." Starlord #22.