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By Arthur Ranson

Arthur Ranson: "I would have liked more background detail in places, particularly when Frazer does it so well. I'm afraid I also noticed that the finger Harry cut off himself in Book Three was back." Thrill-Power Overload, extended edition.

Patrick Goddard: "I loved the writer/artist combination and thought the storytelling was outstanding. I had to hunt down the remaining weekly progs without fail, marching around the newsagents all over town, I NEEDED to know what happened next! It was the first time in a long time that a weekly comic had grabbed my attention so aggressively." 2000 AD prog 2061.

Harry Exton (narrating): "It was good, being alone. Maybe this was the life for me. Become a hermit. To hell with people. You couldn't trust people." 2000 AD prog 913.