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Blazen 1922

Blazen by John M. Burns

2000 AD prog 1916 cover

The cover of 2000 AD prog 1916, by Glenn Fabry and Adam Brown

Schmidt: "Blazen's an idler, a wastrel. The snuff is ergot powder. It causes visions." 2000 AD prog 1913.

Blazen: "Fear not! Ergo will lead us to safety — through here!"

Schmidt: "Idiot! He's a figment of your imagination!" 2000 AD prog 1915.

Blazen: "The ergot powder has — snff! — sensitised me to light and sound. The world can be read like a book, if you know how." 2000 AD prog 1916.

Blazen: "White phosphor, magnesia, volatile base elements... Heat them with Schmidt's 'zipper' and — BOOOOMSH!" 2000 AD prog 1917.

Blazen: "The wurms are crafty, intelligent. They learned from their mistakes — we didn't. Our enemies expected... more of us." 2000 AD prog 1918.

Blazen: "No, I'm fine, Ergo. I'm fine fine fine... Apart from the fact that the world is about to end, obviously. Just lead me there, little brother! Take me to the Judith bridge! Don't look at me like that. No, I am not like our father." 2000 AD prog 1920.

Blazen: "Death, the last great adventure... Ah, the times we've had, eh, Ergo? Is it wrong to wish for one more skin of wine — one final kiss from a beautiful woman? Is it not life that we fight for, little brother? The right to live and love and know and feel...?" 2000 AD prog 1921.

Narrator: "All those years — they are never enough. So much is left unspoken. Schmidt had been his truest friend. His anchor and his rock." 2000 AD prog 1922.

Anna Kohl: "Blazen...? Are you death's own jester now? Have you come to mock me one last time?" 2000 AD prog 1971.