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Black shuck

By Alex Ronald

Black Shuck 2

Yeowell and Blythe

King Ivar: "What makes you think a bastard whelp could be my heir?"

Black Shuck: "I heard word you are desperate." 2000 AD prog 1891.

Narrator: "King Ivar's men had fought the Jötnar many times before. With each attack upon the northman's territory, their numbers and ferocity grew. Beneath the stars they battled, night after night -- man against monster. Warrior against savage. Then came he who was neither. Then came he who was both. Angle barbarian. Bastard son of the king. They called him Black Shuck."

Black Shuck: "I am come to spill troll blood!" 2000 AD prog 1892.

Black Shuck: "I know no fearrr! I feel no pain! I am rrrage! I am BLACK SHUCK!" 2000 AD prog 1898.

Freydis: "My husband, your king, is more than human! He is a descendant of the gods, like those written of in the sagas." 2000 AD prog 1983.

Black Shuck: "It is I — Black Shuck! Son of Dunwich! I have returned!" 2000 AD prog 1984.

Bishop Thefridus: "Accept Christ or burn eternally."

Black Shuck: "Damn you! And damn your Roman man-god cult! I repent for nothing. I bow to no one." 2000 AD prog 1985.

Bishop Thefridus: "He is driven, sire, by powerful forces. Forces I fear may be beyond the church's teachings... old and terrible forces." 2000 AD prog 1986.

Black Shuck: "I am not cursed. I am blessed, brother king. I am more than man. I am legend." 2000 AD prog 1988.

Black Shuck (narrating): "Here am I, a wild beast, a monster, loose in Dunwich forest. A fiend's blood had merely awakened the feral creature that had always lurked within." 2000 AD prog 1989.

Black Shuck: "I, Black Shuck, shall stand with King Eadwald. For I swore long ago to protect this place and its people with my own blood." 2000 AD prog 1992.