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Bix Barton 2

By Jim McCarthy

Peter Milligan: "The idea came from a sketch by Jim and some pretty insane ideas he'd had. Quite a few of Jim's ideas are insane." Thrill-Power Overload by David Bishop.

Bix Barton: "Hitler was nothing compared to the fiends we fought! Hitler wouldn't have got in their team. He wouldn't have made the ruddy subs' bench. Hitler! We're talking about a real scrum half, a real wing three quarter, a man with body swerve, chap who could drop-kick from anywhere on the park... Steve Ditto — the astrally projected man!" 2000 AD prog 663.

Bix: "Snuff movies? You mean people in this day and age get excited by films of old men stuffing disgusting tobacco up their nostrils? This is the kind of complacent degeneracy that led to the decline of the Roman empire and Welsh rugby." 2000 AD prog 724.