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Bennett Beeny

Bennett Beeny by Colin MacNeil

Colin MacNeil: "I did see Benny as myself and myself as Benny, and so I could kind of understand his feelings and his emotions as he went through this story... He is that frightened individual who has no control over his life — he's constantly buffeted by desire and authority." 2000 AD Thrill-Cast 20 Jan 2015.

Michael Molcher (2000 AD PR): " "The story isn't really about America. It's about Benny and the way that he gets caught between, essentially, an immovable object, which is Dredd, and an unstoppable force, which is America." Ibid.

Bennett Beeny: "I'm going to tell you how I loved a woman... loved her from the first moment I can remember — love her still, though the spark that animated her has long since been crushed out. And I'll tell you how I betrayed her — and when I've finished you'll despise me for what I did. I was foolish then. I didn't — or wouldn't understand... But I'm not trying to excuse myself. Please, hate away. I deserve it. Though whether any man deserves the punishment I inflicted on myself... only you can judge." Judge Dredd Megazine 1.01.

America Jara: "You're a really nice guy, Benny, but you're such a jerk."