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Arlen Lakam

By Jesús Redondo

Arlen Lakam 2

By Jesús Redondo

Arlen Lakam: "Thank the stars we've still got another six weeks of vacation, Ardeni! It's so peaceful here!" Starlord #2.

Arlen Lakam: "Don't tell me, sis! The Jugla were... controlling me again... yeah?" Starlord #5.

Ardeni Lakam: "Only one chance — use the mind powers, Arlen!" Starlord #7.

Arlen Lakam: "I'll try, sis, but they're so unpredictable!"

Ardeni Lakam: "There's no power, Arlen!"

Arlen Lakam: "We have all the power we need, sis... use it!" Starlord #8.

Arlen Lakam: "No! No! Stop, Ardeni... Please stop!" Starlord #11.

Commentator: "It's a cold, clear day here at Earthport in high Tibet, and a sad one. The body of Arlen Lakam is about to be shot into space to travel the stars forever..." Starlord #12.