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Starlord 11

By Bob Wakelin

Ardeni Lakam

By Jesús Redondo

Starlord 18

By Bob Wakelin

Ardeni Lakam: "This is Ardeni Lakam, you mealy-mouthed Vulcrugon swamp wallower. Just try it and see what happens!" Starlord #4.

Ardeni Lakam: "We've been turned into weapons of the Jugla! They were right on Vulcrugon! We ARE monsters!" Starlord #5.

Narrator: "Ardeni was only dreaming... re-living the nightmarish destruction of her home on another world by a Jugla ship."

Ardeni (asleep): "Mother... father!" Starlord #6.

Yosay Tilman: "You're just going to have to live with the fact that wherever you go you're going to leave a trail of death and disaster from one end of the galaxy to the other!" Starlord #7.

Ardeni: "What a mess... what a rotten stinking mess!" Starlord #8.

Ardeni (thinking): "Damn you, Arlen, we are the Jugla. Why am I obeying when I know what they're going to make us do? Why, why... why?" Starlord #9.

Ardeni: "No-o, you stellar scum... you won't control me again... ...EVER!!!" Starlord #11.

Ardeni (thinking): "My mind is my own, and I will do what I want! It isn't enough to simply drive the Jugla horror from my mind. I want them to pay for this!" Starlord #13.

Doctor Varn: "The powers of Ardeni Lakam are totally illogical... and immeasurable." Starlord #14.

Ardeni: "There's a spare room if you'd like to stay. I'd quite like to see you again tomorrow."

Orloff: "I am flattered and overwhelmed, beautiful lady. Thank you." Starlord #16.

Yosay Tilman: "Ardeni shapes her own destiny, and that of the galaxy with it. Don't you see? She's more powerful than a million federations!" Starlord #17.

Ardeni (thinking): "That's it... I'm going out of my mind. The powers have driven me crazy! I just can't take it any longer! [Aloud] I'm sick of living!!!" Starlord #21.

Ardeni: "It isn't enough to possess such powers as mine. The secret lies in using them wisely." (In other words, "with great power...") Starlord #22 (final issue).