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Anna Kohl

From 2000 AD prog 1913, by John M. Burns

2000 AD prog 1916 cover

The cover of 2000 AD prog 1916, by Glenn Fabry and Adam Brown

Anna Kohl: "I want to know who my father was — what he was. I've been chasing rumours and lies for years, so tell me — how did he really die?"

Werewolf: "Squealing like a pig as his blood ran down my throat..." 2000 AD prog 2015.

Ritterstahl: "Two days and you've hardly said a word. You're more like your father than you realise."

Anna Kohl: "Don't mock me! I am used to my own company." 2000 AD prog 1912.

Anna Kohl: "So this is it, then? All that remains of the Order? All that stands between these wurms and the world of men are three old fools and an iron head?"

Iron John: "Eh? What did she say?" 2000 AD prog 1913.

Blazen (examining 'wanted' poster): "You must have really upset the Teutonic knights — 'Beware! The iron-headed devil Baphomet and his harlot — Lilith!' Ha ha ha! It's a good likeness, Anna." 2000 AD prog 1914.

Anna's mother (in flashback): "You comport yourself like a man. You bear a sword because you are unable to bear a child. You are no daughter of mine!" 2000 AD prog 1918.

Anna: "Point me at something I can kill." Ibid.

Iron John: "Do you never shut up? Never stop?

Anna: "No." 2000 AD prog 1920.

Ritterstahl: "Ich werde dich lieben bis ans ende der zeit." [Translation: "I will love you till the end of time."] 2000 AD prog 1968.

Anna: "We are of the seedlines, you and I. Our lives are measured in centuries, not decades. Do not spend them alone."

Iztaccihuatl: "You grow sentimental in your dotage, old woman." 2000 AD prog 1970.

Anna, while the Order are away on a mission: "The older I become, the worse the waiting. I worry about them as if they were our children." 2000 AD prog 2012 (published January 2017).