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America Jara

America Jara by Colin MacNeil

Bennett Beeny (narrating): "America... how like her name her life would be, though we didn't know it then. Born in hope, with a dream — died in disillusionment — and despair." Judge Dredd Megazine 1.01.

Tony Jara: "America! America! God shed hees grief on thee!"

Mrs Beeny: "That's 'grace', Mr Jara!"

Tony Jara: "Eh?"

Mrs Beeny: "Not grief — it's grace. God shed his grace on thee."

Tony Jara: "Oh, yes... si, si." Ibid.

America Jara: "What right have they got to murder my baby? What right have they got to decide who lives and who dies?"

Bennett Beeny (narrating): "I did it for Ami, too. So that at least part of her — at least her dream could carry on. Because she was right. You can't ignore what's going on. You can't bury your head in the sand and forget what the Judges are doing to us. You've got to keep fighting. You've got to keep looking for America." Judge Dredd Megazine 1.07.