By Simon Fraser

By Simon Fraser

Aleksandr and Aleksandra Romanov: "Aleksandr and Aleksandra Romanov. Heirs to the Romanov dynasty and all its glories. Past, present and future." 2000 AD prog 1038.

Aleksandr: "You should be in the Bolshoi, Aleksandra. You dance divinely!"

Aleksandra: "Why, sir, how could I possibly do otherwise with such a gallant gentleman for a partner?" 2000 AD prog 1039.

Aleksandra: "Since birth, we've lived as one, loved as one..."

Aleksandr: "Thought as one..."

Aleksandr and Aleksandra: "And talked as one... But our most cherished dream only became reality when father blessed us with our Weapons Crests... and allowed us to become one!" 2000 AD prog 1040.

Aleksandr and Aleksandra: "Impressive sight, aren't we? Both male and female. The perfect being! You should be honoured to have us as your executioner!"

Nikolai Dante (fighting back): "The pleasure's all yours — so's the pain! Which part of the perfect being did that hurt most? Male or female?" 2000 AD prog 1041.

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