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Garp by Giolitti

By Studio Giolitti

Ace Garp by Ian Gibson

By Ian Gibson

Ace Garps

By Masssimo Belardinelli

Ace Garp: "Hang ten, brawny buddies! I don't blip your thirteen — but I'm sure we can voke it out over a coupla macmacs!" (Translation: "Wait a minute, threatening muscular people! I don't get your problem — but I'm sure we can talk it out over a couple of insanely potent alcoholic drinks!") 2000 AD prog 240.

Ace: "Chug it, Feek, while the chuggin's spammy!" (Translation: "Let's escape while conditions are conducive to that end!") 2000 AD prog 242.

Ace: "I was borned a jockbox genius, I got luggin' in my red,
My splitto boots will never grease the ground!
And when I trip out croakin' you'll still lobe my yoohoo vokin'—
'Breaker breaker! You got Garp the Barp from Parp — I'm hotside bound!'"
(Translation: "My exceptional piloting ability is congenital, cargo haulage is in my blood,
My bifurcated footwear will never touch terra firma!
And when I die you'll continue to hear my ghost saying—
'Attention! This is Garp the [incomprehensible], I'm en route to Hell!'" 2000 AD prog 246.

Ace: "Can the smart-smarts, jeepie! Why aintcha emptyside jippin' the jackers an' blippin' my lug?" (Translation: "Cease your witticisms, law enforcement official! Why aren't you in space ousting the hijackers and locating my haulage vehicle?") 2000 AD prog 248.

Ghost: "Are you crazy, Ace?"

Ace: "That's an affirmative, digital buddy! It's like I always voke it — there's a thin strip o' stroodle 'tween kook and noodle!" (Translation: "Yes, my cybernetic friend! It's like I always say — there's a narrow line separating insanity and high intelligence!") 2000 AD prog 253.

Mankus, high priest of Kloistar: "And it is written in the Book of Garpo — 'And Garpo shall come amongst us. And his divine goodness shall shine upon us. And he shall speak in strange tongues...'"

Ace: "Hmm... sure lobes [sounds] like me!" 2000 AD prog 281.

G.B.H (Dead): "I've never done it before, Ace, but I must confess I'm sorely tempted to beat you stupid!"

Feek the Freak: "Waste of time. Ace stupid already! No hee hee!" 2000 AD prog 293.

Ace: "Ghost! Open up! It's me — Ace!"

Ghost: "Ace...? Sorry. This name does not compute."

Ace: "Can the blubberoni! [Translation: Cease this foolishness!] It's me — your owner — the big A — Garp the Barp from Parp!"

Ghost: "I'm sorry. These stupid names still do not compute." 2000 AD prog 379.

G.B.H (Dead): "Of course, all those poor people will still be waiting for their orders to arrive..."

Feek the Freak: "We could race across space! Deliver them all just in time for Christmas morning! Very heartwarming!"

Ace: "We could... but I can't be jugged!" 2000 AD prog 2011 (published January 2017).