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"I'm gonna kill every damned stinking Dalek in the galaxy!" (Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer, restating his position in case anyone wasn't entirely clear on it.)

"We will have revenge on both Davros and The Doctor! We will use the Daleks' other greatest enemy to destroy them! The human, Abslom Daak!" (Dalek Emperor.)

Abslom Daak: "Hello, Doctor. Long time no see. Your face looks different. I might cut it off anyway." Tales from the TARDIS #4.

Abslom Daak: "Forged in hate. Tempered in war. My whetstone was the murder of my beloved. My scabbard is the oily leather of bug-eyed rage 'n beer. I know... only... violence."

Alice Obiefune: "...rrrright."

The Doctor: "And that, ladies, is Mr Abslom Daak. Such a pleasure to see you again! Who wants a cuppa? Don't make eye contact. He's literally insane." Tales from the TARDIS #5.

Abslom Daak (attacking the TARDIS with his chainsword): "This! Damn! Machine! Took! My! Wife!" Tales from the TARDIS #6.

Alice Obiefune: "I know it's wrong, and I'm ashamed to admit this, but... he's quite dishy for a man with a chainsaw."

The Doctor: "Chainsword. He was banished as a punishment for mass murder before he ever saw a Dalek, Alice. Don't forget that. He's as much a monster as them." Tales from the TARDIS #7.

Abslom Daak (rescuing endangered species): "If anyone gets even the tiniest notion I saved yer lives -- for free, dammit -- I'll come back here and skoosh ya. G'luck, weird alien critters." Tales from the TARDIS #8.