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2000 AD prog 1941 cover

By Tiernen Trevallion

2000 AD prog 1936 cover

By Tiernen Trevallion

Gordon Rennie: "He's a remarkably easy character to write, partly based on my dad — a miserable old bastard who was dying of cancer at the time, Harry was conceived as a miserable old bastard who's dying of cancer — and partly based on me. His jokes and miserabilist observations are mine, certainly." Thrill-Power Overload, extended edition.

Earthlet NA Parry: "I have instantly fallen in love with Absalom, which is as unusual and compelling as the best 2000 AD strips are." Letter published in 2000 AD prog 2061.

Absalom: "Inspector Harry Absalom. If you haven't heard of me, maybe you've heard of the not-very-nice people I work for. That's their sigil right there on my warrant card. Had a good look at it? Know what it means? Good... then let's be having you all, then." 2000 AD prog 1732.

Absalom: "I'm off back to the smoke before I forget what jellied eels mixed with the zesty tang of Europe's highest levels of NO2 air pollution tastes like." 2000 AD prog 1935.

Archbishop of Canterbury: "Stephanie, be a love and cancel that Radio Four thing and my dinner with Professor Dawkins tonight. Tell the BBC we'll reschedule for another day, and sincerest apologies to the professor. Send him a parcel of that honey he's so fond of." 2000 AD prog 1936.

Absalom: "I know what all you fine gents think of me-- ‘Daft old Harry,’ you say to yourselves. ‘Why doesn't the sad old bugger just finally die of that cancer that's killing him?’ Well, here's what I've been up to. I've found all the muck and slime that you all tried to hide away, and now I'm going to make sure everyone gets a good whiff of it." 2000 AD prog 1942.

Charlie (Absalom's former boss): "He's not such a bad sort, is old 'Arry, once you get to know him. Actually, no. That's a terrible bleedin' lie, truth to tell... he's a horrible old bastard and a right conniving piece of work." 2000 AD prog 2058.