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2000 AD prog 1596 cover

By D'Israeli

"In a corner of a faraway galaxy lies THE VORT, a world bisected by a raging vortex at each pole. For the Aggregated Planets' Cultural Union, it's a source of enormous energy and ripe for mining. The alien natives, however, will protect it at all costs - and the Vort's unique electromagneticism means nothing electric will work..."

The Vort was a comic strip by Simon Spurrier and D'Israeli published in 2000 AD progs 1589 to 1596 (pictured). The twist at the end to which this cover refers is that one of the main characters turns out to be the eponymous protagonist of Lobster Random, who is a mutilated sociopathic torturer created by Spurrier and Carl Critchlow. It was reprinted in The Vort Vol 1 1. According to the extended edition of Thrill-Power Overload, Spurrier enjoyed "some people who had loudly exclaimed they wouldn't read Lobster Random because it seemed to fly in the face of everything they loved about 2000 AD, saying that they were really enjoying The Vort — and then having to perform the digital equivalent of eating their own hats."