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Thbe Secret Service was a strip by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons which initially ran in CLiNT Vol II #1-7. It told the story of Gary, errant nephew of superspy Jack London, who was inducted into the service by his uncle and discovered a plot by billionaire Dr. James Arnold to wipe out the majority of the Earth's population by driving them all murserously insane for 19 minutes. Jack was murdered by Arnold after seducing his girlfriend, and Gary discovered that his own trainer in the service, Rupert Graves, was involved in the plot. After eliminating Graes, Gary and his fellow recruits stormed Arnold's base, thwarted his plans at the last minute and killed Arnold before returning to work, the formerly reluctant Gary having finally decided to pick up where his uncle left off.

  • The series has also been released as a six issue limited series from Icon Comics, with a collected edition and screenplay in the works.
  • At one point, Graves reminisces about the various agents now long dead who he and Jack London had raised a glass in tribute to over the years, including John Steed and Mike Gambit of The Avengers and "old timers" John Drake (Danger Man) and Simon Templar (the Saint).