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Magic Comic
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Magic Comic (1970s)

The Magic Comic was a title published by D.C. Thomson from 22nd July 1939 to 25th January 1941 (a total of 80 issues), when it was cancelled due to wartime paper rationing. It was aimed at a younger audience than D.C. Thomson's popular Beano and Dandy comics. Strips included:

  • The Adventures of Grandfather Clock
  • Cheeky Mary — the Lord Mayor's Daughter
  • Dolly Dimple by Allan Morley
  • Koko the Pup, the front cover feature by E.H. Banger
  • Little Squirty
  • Oompah Pete
  • Pa, Ma and Squeaker
  • Peter Piper by Dudley D. Watkins
  • Poor Blind Billy
  • Robin Hood
  • Sooty Snowball, on the back cover
  • The Tickler Twins in Wonderland
  • Ugly Muggins
  • Uncle Dan the Magic Man
  • Wee Hi Lo

In addition, two volumes of the Magic Fun Book were published in September 1939 and September 1940 (effectively, Magic Comic annuals). Following the title's cancellation these 'annuals' were for a time incorporated into the Beano Book, which became the Magic-Beano Book.

Magic was revived as Magic Comic in 1976, and ran until 1979. The revived version was aimed at an even younger audience than the original and contained none of the original characters. Instead, it introduced a number of mostly magic-based strips, including:

  • Betsy's Magic Bracelet
  • Copycat
  • Flying Flapears
  • Peter Poppin
  • Rainbow Road
  • Ring for Rosie
  • Spaceship Lollipop
  • Tommy Trix