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Tarzan Bumper Album 1

Tarzan Annuals were published, initially by World Distributors and later by Brown Watson, from 1960-1962, from 1965-1966, from 1968-1978, and in 1980. Some of the material used in the annuals was new, while the rest came from assorted sources including the Tarzan comics published by Westworld and (in the USA) by Gold Key. In addition, a one-off publication in the same format, Tarzan-the Land that Time Forgot appeared in 1974, two Tarzan Comic Album's (both numbered as issue #1) appeared in 1964 and 1967, four Tarzan TV Storybook's were issued from 1967-1970 and a Tarzan Bumper Album (numbered #1) was also issued in 1970.

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