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Hazell by Harry North


Target was a weekly adventure comic published by Polystyle, launched in 1978. Like the company's earlier title, Countdown/TV Action, it was largely based on then popular TV shows (including Target, the crime drama which gave it its name), but the production standards were considerably lower than those of Countdown, giving the comic a rather cheap look despite its high (ten pence) price tag. The content was generally quite violent and contained a surprising number of scantily clad women, suggesting that it was going for the same slightly older audience as Action or 2000 AD, but the strips were considerably less engaging, despite the best efforts of the creators crafting the adventures of Kojak, Cannon and Charlie's Angels, or even Hazell, probably the best strip in the thing. Failing to secure an audience, Target was merged into TV Comic after less than six months.

Target should not be confused with the wholly unrelated magazine Target.