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Real name
Protector of Allana Price
Base of operations
Zero City

Unusual features
He's a cyborg
Marital status
Cab driver and bodyguard; former soldier
The mean streets
First appearance


Tanner is the protagonist of the 2000 AD strip Night Zero and its sequels. A cab driver and bodyguard, he was originally a soldier who was modified for combat so he could fight in the 'Gene Wars'. When he sustained severe injuries in battle he was "put... back together. More or less" by medics, leaving him as a cyborg. Readers first encountered him when he picked up a fare called Kid Astaire who tried to take his credit disc at gunpoint. Tanner responded by killing him and leaving his corpse in a gutter. He then picked up a damsel in distress, Allana Price, who was being chased by gunmen and hired him to protect her.

Allana was killed by a hitman called Johnny Piranha as soon as she and Tanner got back to her apartment. Tanner killed Johnny and returned to his apartment, but was startled when the doorbell rang and he opened the door to find... Allana! She explained that the person who died had been a clone whom the real Allana had used as bait. (The clone had memory implants to make her think she was the real Allana and thereby stop her from running away to Tokyo and rearranging her DNA.)

Tanner and his charge went to the H2O club (a nightclub where it rained indoors) to ask Dolly, his old sergeant, to find out who'd taken the contract out on Allana. When they left Tanner announced that his cab didn't smell right and threw a bin at it. It collapsed into a mangled piece of metal the size of a pumpkin, showing that it had been replaced by 'memory metal' that would have squashed the pair to a pulp if they had got in.

Next the pair visited real-Allana's friends Daryl and Miranda van Damm, with Tanner (sadly off-page) fighting a tiger en route. They borrowed Miranda's van Damm's armourised Mercedes (which she didn't need, being a hologram made from a personality recording of Daryl's dead wife) and then went into the sewers to see Nemo, who controlled all the city's water and had (Dolly said) information for them. It turned out that Nemo had accepted the contract on real-Allana, although he didn't know who'd issued it. He killed real-Allana and Tanner escaped via the sewers.

By throttling (non-fatally) real-Allana's lover Leroy, Tanner learnt that she'd had another back-up clone. He arrived where it was stored just in time to stop clone-Allana being gunned down. Putting her in a safe place, he threatened the treacherous Dolly until she told him how to get to the city's roof, a huge opaque dome. There he made a few adjustments to Nemo's control room and descended to the city to find Nemo holding a gun to clone-Allana's head.

Tanner made Nemo let clone-Allana go by threatening to detonate a bomb he'd left in the control room, thus letting in the rain and ending Nemo's monopoly over the water supply. Nemo told him who'd taken out the contract on Allana: Miranda van Damm, the hologram of Daryl van Damm's wife. She had found out that Daryl and real-Allana had been having an affair. Tanner had news for the homicidal hologram: Daryl had had the original Miranda killed just after making a recording of her personality, because he resented the fact that she had all the money. Tanner and clone-Allana left the happy couple to it, shared a kiss and walked down the street in sunlight, Tanner having programmed the dome to let the sun shine in for one hour per day.

Powers and abilities[]


Can drive a cab. Proficient bodyguard.

Strength level

Peak cyborg male.



Tanner's right arm is robotic, and he has olfactory enhancer implants. In his apartment he has several spare robotic arms.


His cab; Miranda van Damm's armourised Mercedes.


Can shoot a deadly blast from his right forefinger.


Tanner looks a lot like Salford actor Christopher Eccleston. (There is no suggestion that Mr Eccleston is or has ever been a cyborg.)


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